All of us at Peer have worked in the professional services industry ourselves. In fact, together with have over 75 years of experience doing what you do – every day.

We can bring those skills and experiences to any project or task you need, from installation and implementation of new systems and processes, to consulting, staff augmentation, vacation or vacancy coverage, staff or admin training, high level technical assistance or day-to-day support. No two clients are alike, and every need is unique. We can partner with you wherever you are at, right now, to provide the help you need to make your daily processes efficient, secure, and timely. There are always new products, upgrades and enhancements – we can help you determine what's truly important and what's just new, to keep you current and able to take advantage of all technology has to offer!
We work with everything from very large organizations where we can provide extra consult, deep technical expertise and second or third level support, to very small firms who really want someone else to just handle their technical needs.

Here are some of our services:

  • Implementations – Finally ready to get into the Enterprise Content Management world? We can help you find, implement and train the best solution for your unique needs.

  • Upgrades – Fallen behind? Let us help you bring your systems and processes up to date and take advantage of new features and functionality constantly being added to ECM products.

  • Support – We offer several models of support to allow you to use us as your first, second or third level of "go-to," for questions, problems, advice, ideas, etc. We can provide much value to the standard vendor support you receive from our partners, giving you peace of mind and assurance that you'll always have the help you need when you need it.

  • Staff Augmentation – Have a vacancy to fill, or a need that doesn't really warrant a full-time person? Sometimes it's difficult in our fast-changing technology landscape to maintain the level of expertise in-house to address all of your ECM needs. Peer can provide that expertise on a temporary or permanent basis. We can simply become a virtual part of your team to keep the technology pieces running smoothly as your world changes around it.

  • Training – We have the ability to train virtually any of the commonly used software packages, but are also willing and able to take on customized training needs. If you have industry specific or niche software you want to use in your environment, we will work with you to learn that software so we can support and train your users. Training is rarely a "one-size-fits-all" proposition and we tailor any training project to your specific needs.

Peer Integration Partners is an experienced team of ECM professionals with well over 75 years of combined experience! We can provide you with excellent technical consulting, advice and services, all with a very personal touch. 

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